Cliff Morgan

Another one of my heroes gone.  The great Cliff Morgan.  Saturday mornings – Sports Report – even my wife loved it.  Lying in bed we’d always turn it on.  I remember a description of the play of Jonathan Davies which Cliff said was full of “…..magic, majesty and mystery….”   It was like having the sports presented by Dylan Thomas.

When I filmed the History of Welsh Rugby I rang Cliff up and asked if he could narrate it for me.  I told him about my love of Sports Report and how I was a fan generally.  Unfortunately, due to ill health, Cliff said he couldn’t do it, and I could tell that he felt bad about turning me down.  What a man!!

And what a player!!  I remember a try he scored for the Lions in 1955. As Clem Thomas writes in his brilliant Lions history. “Cliff Morgan weaved some of his magic and I can still see him rocketing past the great Basie van Wyck with a devastating outside break, to score an inspirational try…..”

Cliff himself said that it was the only time he bested van Wyck on the whole tour but that was Cliff being modest.

A great sportsman and a great guy.

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