davy graham doco

In partnership with Highnote/Rock History, SGA are developing a documentary on the seminal guitarist Davy Graham.  This project came about because SGA filmed the last ever interview with Davy before he died the next year.  In the interim we  became very friendly with Jill Doyle Lindsay, Davy’s sister, and she encouraged us to work on the Davy project and volunteered to be an executive producer.

As a result we filmed the Davy Memorial concert at Cecil Sharpe House, November 28, 2008 which featured a whole host of musicians and friends of Davy.  On the back of this we interviewed Wizz Jones and Michael Horovitz.  The project became becalmed for a couple of years because of other commitments, but due to the encouragement of Mark Rye at Highnote, we decided that the film needs and deserves to be completed.  Not only did we like Davy very much but it seems strange that such an important figure has never had a proper documentary assembled.

We have since filmed many of the most important of Davy’s admirers and contemporaries: Ralph McTell, Martin Carthy, Archie Fisher, Pete Brown, to name but a few.

To promote our film we have put together a few clips – teasers – if you like.

Enjoy and watch this space for developments….

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